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Winning is No Accident

Come to one of our “Tune to Win” Seminars

There’s a lot more to Tuning than just Main Jets! 

Learn How to Tune all Racing Carburetors!

( Holley, Nickerson, Aed, Apd, Quick Fuel, Pro Systems, Nuytten, Braswell, CarbShop, Baker, Toco, KB, Rupert and others)

You must Pre-Register! Cost is $250.00

Included in your registration fee is; 1 year 24/7 Tech Support, hand outs and Lunch!

Upon completion of seminar, a certificate will be issued.

Learn how to improve your carburetors idle quality and increase horsepower throughout the rpm range. The better the engine is tuned the more consistent the car will run.

You will learn Step by Step, Circuit by Circuit how and where to tune your carburetor.

Learn when to change air bleeds, power valves, power valve restrictors, idle restrictors, intermediate jets, main jets, float adjustments, fuel pressure, idle mixture screws, accelerator pump, cams and squirters.

Learn to deal with fuel slush problems.

There will be a race car on our Chassis Dyno and a race engine on our Engine Dyno so we can run and make tuning changes and you can see the results.  

Learn how to Dyno tune your engine!

Learn how to use a wide band oxygen sensor (O2).

Learn how to read spark plugs for heat range and color.    

There will also be guest speakers dealing with 02 meters, exhaust temp gauges, data logging and nitrous oxide systems.        

Call For Dates

This will be an 8 hr. class from 9:00am to 5:00 pm

Phone (215) 781-1370        Fax (215 781-1371

A Few Satisfied Clients:
A Few More Drivers...

Pete Frisina
Dean Nickerson Boat & Car
Franks Family Racing
Ed Franks Sr. & Ed Franks, Jr.
Tim Dilorio 5 Time Super-Pro Champion
Dave Acker
Rockin Rob Farkas
Dave Muller
Harry Gierb
Joe Lepone,Jr.
Kenny Koretoki
Brian Jones
Gary Velinger
John Asta 1991 World Champion & Multi-Event Winner
Ken Moses
Bob Madden
Ron Reigel
Scott Denoro
Ryan Nickerson Multi-Event Winner
Brad Nickerson 2000 Rookie of the Year and #4 Super-Pro 2001
Bill Rizzo
Chuck Rothermel
George Supenski
Scott Curtis
Henry Jackson
Rick Schreiner
Jim Schreiner
Joe Bozak
Jeff Livezy
Tom Palmer
Dave Faust
Dan Northrob 2000 World Champion and 3 Time Division Champ
Tim Northrob
Al Czeriak, Jr.
Al Czeriak, Sr.
Larry Miller
Ed Alessi, Jr.
Ernie Dupius
Joe Dipaequale
Mike Lubniewski
Roland Bonner
Kevin Sway
Will Randolph
Robert Murphy
Walt Olt
Nick Olt
Oscar Olt
Lou Vasger
Tom Walsh
Bill Carol
Ron Martin
Mike Heilig
Kevin Plump
Dave Adams

Brad Nickerson's 2000 Super-Pro Rookie of the year award.

Dean Nickerson won 2001 Crew Chief of the year Award.

Congratulations Dean!


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We are currently in the process of preparing for the 2015 Racing season.

We are putting the finishing touches on the dragster above that Ryan drives as well as

rebuilding both engines engine and some other repairs to the cars, Zac's jr dragster is being worked on as well


We hope to see all of you at the track this season.

Good luck and have a safe and successful racing season!


We have a complete dyno testing and diagnostic center at our shop.

We constantly test and tweak our carburetors and engines to

acheive maximum performance.

Each one of our carburetors is run and tested before we ship them.

In fact, 95% of our carburetors still have the same jetting which

they were shipped with.

We also have installed a chassis dyno that will handle 2500hp

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